Our Website Opened!!

Hello! Our travel company business of Yoshiiya BASE Co., Ltd., Takahashigawa Travel, finally has its homepage.

Seven towns and three villages are located in the basin of the Takahashi River, a first-class river that flows through the western part of Okayama Prefecture from north to south.

The area from Mt. Hanami in Niimi City, where the river originates, to the Seto Inland Sea has a variety of climates and cultures, and there are fresh encounters depending on where you go.

Takahashigawa Travel has made use of the characteristics of the area, such as “folk craft” and “astronomy,” which are closely related to Kurashiki. There are folk craft shops and astronomers who are actively engaged in astronomy. We have planned interesting tours to these places.

In order to get people to visit the same place over and over again, we believe that not only the charm of the place, but also the charm of the “people” is important.

If meeting that person motivates you, you may want to visit the same sightseeing spot again.

In the future, we will continue to plan and create tours that show not only the tourism resources that exist in the basin, but also the people who live there, and that make you want to meet them again.

Activities are posted on SNS from time to time, so please check it out.




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