Ikebana master class! First attempt♪

How much do you know about Ikebana? Would you like to try your hand at this art and immerse yourself in Japanese culture? Thanks to Inao-sensei—A teacher from Ikenobo, Japan’s oldest school of Ikebana, who has been arranging flowers for 65 years, you can experience this right in the main part of the Kurashiki-Bikan Historical Quarter.
Most recently, we did an article about our new Ikebana tour.

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We worked hard, and already on October 24 we were able to conduct the first attempt. Let’s take a closer look at this event!

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Ikebana trial tour with 3 interpreters on a sunny autumn day

The main idea of the tour is to introduce the city and its culture not only through the usual excursions, but also through specific master classes or unique opportunities that you can experience only here. Experienced master of Ikebana will help us with this, telling us about the nuances and main methods of styling.
The interpreter accompanying you at all times will not only translate the teacher’s words, but also tell you about the history of this art, tell you about the flowers and plants grown in our region and make you feel a friendly meeting with interesting stories.
On this time we invited 3 interpreters to show them the main points, so that in the future everyone could convey the peculiarities of Ikebana and the atmosphere of this experience to you.

At first we meet infront of the Sumire flower store

The tour begins with an explanation of the history and the founding of Ikebana. The meeting takes place near a florist shop that specializes in the selection of flowers for Ikebana art, so there we will choose a composition for the lesson.

Inside, you will be given a choice of seasonal flowers that would be most suitable for Ikebana and you have to choose one flower to be the main one.
Then the florists will select the rest for a harmonious combination and provide the selected flowers in two copies: For you and for the Teacher.

Ikebana expirience

After choosing the flowers, the staff will carefully pack them and the interpreter will lead you to the place of the master class.

On the way you will pass through the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, enjoy the beauty of old townscape and participating in intersting conversation with inerpreter. There are many interesting and varied flowers around the Quarter, which you can also learn a little more about.

Following the interpreter, after a 15-minute walk you will reach the house of Inao-sensei, an Ikebana teacher. After a short introduction, the lesson will begin in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. Isn’t this the best place to dive deeper into the Japanese culture?

The teacher will make Ikebana from the same flowers that you have chosen for yourself. In a freestyle style, with detailed explanations so that you can choose whether you want to repeat the teacher’s work or make something in your own style based on Inao-sensei’s suggestions.

Inao-sensei will make a simple arrangement that will be easy to follow and than its will be your time to arrange the flowers.

Don’t worry, the teacher and translator will gently help you if necessary, but you can still create your own unique Ikebana.

On this trial tour, we decided to repeat the teacher’s style, so the result was similar

After finishing his result, Inao-sensei will check and correct the details to make the composition look better.
She will give valuable advice or comments on the work and together teach the custom between teacher and student in Japan

Both the explanations and impressions of the tour are simply unsurpassed.
Both participants and interpreters learned a lot and had a great time. Did you like this autumn Ikebana?

From now on, this tour is officially open, so when you are in Kurashiki, don’t miss the opportunity to have such an amazing time! We will do our best to make you feel comfortable and make your trip memorable for a long time.

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