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I want to see that person again.

We will not only convey the charms of the places around the Takahashi River basin, but also plan and create products that will make people visit the same places again and again, taking advantage of the backgrounds, personalities, and humor of our guides and lecturers.

【June 27th[Thu]】Tea Ceremony hosted by Mrs. Yuuko Kirakudo in LOGIN Kurashiki near the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Tea Ceremony near Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter! On 6/27, why don't you have a calming experience at LOGIN Kurashiki? Ms. Yuko Kirakudo, owner of Kirakudo Roho t...
【May 19th Limited!】The Rare experience a curious event only in Kurashiki.
They walk around town dressed in traditional costumes and dressed as grandfathers and grandmothers. They carry a fan. If a person is patted on the head with the fan, he or she will be happy. Let's spread happiness.
Tea Ceremony Experience in Okayama Kurashiki.
Ms. Yuko Kirakudo, the 7th generation owner of a tea ceremony equipment shop established over 150 years ago in Tamashima, the town of tea, will teach us about tea ceremony. The experience begins with a tour of the garden before entering the tea room. In the tearoom, you will learn the names of tea utensils and tea ceremony manners. Why don't you taste the tea prepared by yourself?
Teimen Cotton Factory Tour with Interpreter
This is a tour of a cotton manufacturing factory that has been in business for 70 years. It provides a unique opportunity to visit a facility that is typically not open to the public. Don't miss this rare chance to explore a cotton manufacturer that has been a pillar of support for Kurashiki, the city of textiles.
Restaurant Reservation(Mornig/Lunch/Evening)
We make the restaurant reservations for you. When making a reservation for this product, please provide the name and address of the restaurant of your choice and the desired time of use (first to third choice).
【Kitagi Island, Okayama】Guided tours that blend in with the history spun by stones and the lives of the islanders who support the “present”
This is a bicycle tour of Kitagi Island, an island of stones. The tour includes a visit to Chobako, which was created by quarrying, and Former Movie Theater the Hikari Cinema and lunch at the 120-year-old ryokan Amanoya, featuring seafood from the Kitagi island area.

From the headwaters, Niimi City’s Hanamiyama
Lots of unique areas, even the Kasaoka Islands in the Seto Inland Sea.