The Okayama Prefecture Tourism Guide FAM tour gave us the opportunity to experience two products

At the end of September, we had Mr. Pietro, a product development specialist active mainly in Tokyo, and members of the Okayama Prefecture Tourism Guide experience a two-day tour planned by our company.

While inspecting inbound content in the prefecture, one of the businesses, that was selected is Yoshiiya BASE Co., Ltd.

First day
Tour Title
「Uncover Kurashiki with Mr. HARA」

Hara, who is a well-known local figure and our representative, took us on a tour of the Kanryuji Temple, Achi Shrine, and Tsurugata Tunnel, which have a history of over 1,000 years, while interspersing a bit of in-depth Kurashiki history and stories from his upbringing in the area.
Afterwards, we reviewed and gave feedback while drinking the famous “milkshake” at a long-established local cafe “Ueda”.

Pietro, who is an expert on history, was pleased to learn about Kurashiki’s deep history, which he could not hear anywhere else.

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「Uncover Kurashiki with Mr. HARA」

Second Day
Tour Title
「Tracing Waterways! Cycling Tour to Unravel Kurashiki’s History and Culture」

While comparing maps and photos from the time, we weaved together the history and culture of the city’s prosperity with the theme of “rivers.”
After a quick stroll through the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, we headed towards Sakazu by bicycle, following the Kurashiki River.
The bicyclists ride to their destinations with explanations of various traces of history and culture, such as a river that flowed in those days but is now a culvert, a waterway that borders the town, and various other traces of history and culture.

In Sakazu, we visited Mr. Okamoto of Sakazu Pottery, who explained the connection between the Takahashi River and Sakazu pottery.
The tour was provided a glimpse of the benefits brought to the city of Kurashiki and the culture that has been spun since the water distribution pond in Sakazu was constructed.

The tour included an overpass over the railroad tracks and a bicycle ride through a commercial complex.
The participants seemed to be very pleased with the adventurous element of this tour.

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Coordinated stay in Kurashiki! River-themed cycling tours♪

We will brush up our tours based on the feedback from Pietro and the “Tourism Guide”, and plan new inbound tours.

TAKAHASHIGAWA TRAVEL for organising tours around Kurashiki

Based in Kurashiki, we create activities and tours of the attractive contents of the Takahashi River basin and sell them mainly to visitors to Japan. We can also customise tours that are not listed here to meet your requirements on an order-made basis. Kurashiki City is not only home to the Bikan Historical Quarter, but also to many other attractive places. It has a large park close to the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, and is famous for its Sakatsu pottery; Tamashima, a port town where tea culture has taken root; and Kojima, the birthplace of domestic jeans, where you can see the Great Seto Bridge up close. We do not just walk around the towns and return home, but organise trips where you can learn more about the area and leave with a lasting impression through experiences that can only be had in those places. Please contact, for more information.


Private Kimono Photo Walk in Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Kimono tour of photo spots in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Get to Know Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Tour around the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter with an English-speaking guide
Half-Day Shared Tour at Kurashiki with Local Guide
Tours guided by local person who have lived in Kurashiki City for many years and who will show you around the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

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