Restaurant Reservation(Mornig/Lunch/Evening)


Reserve beloved restaurant – service by Takahashigawa Travel

Eat at popular restaurants without waiting in line, rather than waiting in line for most of your sightseeing!! We make the restaurant reservations for you. When making a reservation for this product, please provide the name and address of the restaurant of your choice and the desired time of use (first to third choice). Please note that no refunds will be made once the reservation is completed. Caution: Some restaurants do not allow reservations. Restaurant formats include typical restaurants, bars, taverns(izakaya), snack bars, cafes, etc. Please note that special arrangements such as birthday or engagement surprises are not available

Date & Time ・Morning(9:00AM~11:30AM) Booking Page for more information.
・Lunch(12:00PM~4:30PM) Booking Page for more information.
・Evening(5:00PM~Closing Time) Booking Page for more information.
Guide ・None
Meeting place ・Please go to the location of the reserved restaurant
Other Information ・ Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.

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