【Kitagi Island, Okayama】Guided tours that blend in with the history spun by stones and the lives of the islanders who support the “present”


Discover Serenity on the Island of Stones.

“A relaxing experience on a stone island.” Why not take a bike tour of Kitagi Island, one of the Kasaoka Islands, and see the island’s spectacular scenery while tracing its history? Kitagi Island stone was used in the old days for the stone walls of Osaka Castle, and has been used for the Bank of Japan, the Otorii (Grand Gate) of Yasukuni Shrine, and other structures that symbolize the modernization of Japan. On this tour, an interpreter will translate the explanations of islanders who are familiar with the history of Kitagi Island. Islanders will explain where stone has been used on Kitagi Island, the current situation on Kitagi Island (population, industry) local industries other than the stone industry on Kitagi Island. Chobako is a lake formed when rainwater accumulated in the ruins of a quarry dug by mining operations. It is characterized by a clear lake about 40 meters deep and vertical rock surfaces created by human intervention, and is famous as a spectacular view of Kitagi Island. There are no traffic lights and few cars on the road, so you can enjoy cycling while taking in the scenery at a leisurely pace. Kitagi Island also offers an exhilarating cycling experience that cannot be found in the city or other experiences. Riding along the coast, you can look out over the surrounding islands and enjoy cycling while soaking up the island air. This tour is a refreshing break from everyday life while learning about the history of Kitagi Island, famous for its stone island.

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Guide ・Ms. Umakoshi
Meeting place Fushigoe Port(伏越港)
Included ・Bicycle fare
・Interpreter Fees
・Lunch fee
・Facility tour fee
・Insurance fee
・Guided tours by islanders Fees
Not included ・Ferry fee
Other Information ・Minimum height of 106 cm, 7 years old and able to ride a bicycle on their own.
・Pregnant women and people with heart disease cannot participate.
・You cannot change the food at Amanoya Ryokan.
・Please let us know in advance if you have a religious or allergy problem.
・Please wear clothing that won’t hinder your ability to ride a bicycle.
・If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather, we will suggest another date or be eligible for a full refund.
・The tour may be canceled depending on the ferry operation.
・The tour will be canceled if the weather forecast five days in advance shows a 20 percent or higher chance of precipitation on the tour day.
・The types of bicycles on the day will be either City Bike, Sports Cross, or a short ride.Thank you for your understand.
・Children’s bicycles are also available.There is no auxiliary wheel.
・We can also prepare an electric bicycle that can carry a child in the back seat.Please consult us if you would like.


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