【Okayama/Kurashiki x Cycling】A guided cycling tour to unravel the history and culture of the town. (Not Includes to visit a Sakazu pottery artist)


Unraveling Kurashiki’s history and culture under the theme of “water”

◎Content: Kurashiki Cycling Tour

◎Course: the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Qurter – Kawanishi Town – Kurashiki Mirai Park – Sakazu Water Distribution Pond – the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Qurter

[1] Tour Guide Kurashiki is a city that is full of Kurashiki and its people, and the guides love to make it fun! Comfortable! Safely!

[2] Electric bicycles We will use small-diameter bicycles with electric power assist that can be enjoyed by everyone from children of elementary school age and older to the elderly. The white and black chassis and brown saddle are truly a design typical of Kurashiki with its white walls.

[3]This cycling tour is more than just a city bike tour; it also has an adventure element! Kurashiki cyling tours follow the Kurashiki River, which flows through the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, to a place called Sakazu. Along the way, you will cross railroad tracks, weave between commercial facilities, and enjoy riding your bicycle with commentary from your guide as needed.

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Guide Shota Oura
Meeting place Kurashiki City Tourist Resting Place.(倉敷観光休憩所)
Included ・Guide Fee
・Rental fee for bicycle
Not included
Other Information ・Please inform us of your nationality in advance if you are a non-Japanese citizen.
・Participation in the tour after consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited.
・We reserve the right to refuse participation if we deem that you do not meet the athletic ability stipulated for cycling.
・We reserve the right to cancel or change the content of the tour in the event of weather changes or unforeseen circumstances during the tour.
・Slight rain (The tour will be cancelled if the weather forecast for the day before the tour indicates that the probability of precipitation is 80% or higher.)
・Please wear comfortable clothes that can protect you from the heat and cold.
・Bicycle child seats are not available.


Please contact us for possible options.

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