Tea Ceremony Experience in Okayama Kurashiki.


Experience the story of cotton in Kurashiki.

Take the Mizushima Rinkai Railway to visit a cotton factory. Learn about the town of Kurashiki, which flourished with textiles, and its relationship with cotton and its history. Kurashiki was an ocean about 400 years ago. It was reclaimed during the Edo period (1603-1867), but the soil was so salty that it was difficult to grow crops. Therefore, cotton, which is resistant to salt, was grown. Kurashiki flourished as a textile town in order to utilize the cotton grown there. Today, Kurashiki hardly produces cotton at all. Growing cotton requires large tracts of land, which is difficult to do in Japan, a country with such a small land area. However, even under such circumstances, there is still a cotton manufacturer in Kurashiki that has been in business for more than 70 years and carefully produces cotton using traditional methods, although the cotton is purchased from abroad. Let’s visit their factory and experience the history of Kurashiki through cotton.

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Guide ・Yuko Kirakudo
Meeting place Kirakudo Roho(器楽堂老舗)
Included ・Experience Fee (including tea and snacks)
・Instructor Fee
・Insurance Fee
Not included ・Transportation Expenses
・Kimono Rental
Other Information ・Please wear socks in the tea ceremony room.
・You do not need to sit on the floor in the tea ceremony room. You can also experience sitting on a chair.
・Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
・Please inform us in advance if you have any allergies.


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