Coordinated stay in Kurashiki! River-themed cycling tours♪

Isn’t it difficult to arrange a trip to a new place all by yourself? However, when it comes to finished tours, you can’t find one that fits your wishes perfectly, because it incorporates places you are not interested in, the food is not what you want to eat, or you can’t see the sights at your leisure. If so, how about a customised tour? We can arrange tours according to your wishes. Recently we organized and conducted a tour for a customer from France. Here is an overview of the tour.

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Cycling tour with a family from France following the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter – Sakatsu ‘River’

The theme of this tour was ‘River’. We followed culverts and canals from the Kurashiki River in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter to the water distribution site in Sakatsu, while enjoying cycling. The tour differed from the original plan due to delays in arrival, unimaginably hot weather, etc., but as it was a private tour for families only, changes were made on the spot and the participants were satisfied with the tour in the end.

At first tour takes you around the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

The tour, which started around noon, began with a bicycle tour of the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter. The tour took in the Ohara family, the former Kurabo factory Ivy Square and the Kurashiki River with explanations. It is well known that a river runs through the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, but this river isn’t made by human. The river has supported life in Kurashiki for a long time. It was used to transport products when Kurabo had a factory in the present Ivy Square. And the Ohara family, the founders of Kurabo, are an integral part of the history of Kurashiki. The Ohara family is also located along the Kurashiki River and is open to the public.

Leave the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter and head for Sakatsu

The Kurashiki River flows through the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, and although it is often thought to break off where the swans are, it actually continues underground. It continues along that waterway to Sakatsu.

After 5 minutes from the beauty spot, the railway line comes into view. Go up the overpass. The many railway tracks indicate that Kurashiki Station is a railway hub. If the timing is right, you can see trains from the overpass.

Beyond the railway line, a little further on, there is Ario Kurashiki. Originally, this place was a factory of Kurabo. It became Tivoli Park with a Copenhagen motif and is now Ario Kurashiki with a large park and Mitsui Outlet Park. The Kurashiki irrigation water flows through Mirai Park in Ario Kurashiki. We followed the irrigation water as we went along. It was another extremely hot day, and the greenery felt a little cooler.

Follow the irrigation canal through the park.

Arriving at Sakatsu. Passing over the flume of the water distribution pond. Very nice view.

Take a break while playing in the irrigation canal. After cooling off, go on to the next spot.

Visiting the workshop of Okamoto Kensaku, a Sakatsu-yaki potter. Sakazu-yaki is the oldest existing pottery in Kurashiki, characterised by its thick and austere colours. The guests were very interested in the valuable workshop.

The path passes under the shade of rows of cherry blossom trees. In spring, the cherry trees are in bloom and the area attracts many flower watchers.

Continue along the irrigation canal and you will see a waterside café. This area is peaceful and very relaxing.

And then we returns to the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, following the canals and rivers.

The bicycle used for this project is here. They can be rented in front of Kurashiki Station.

The tour was one change after another from the original plan, but it was a tailor-made private tour. We were flexible and adapted as much as possible to the customer’s needs on the spot.

‘I don’t know what Kurashiki is like or what it has to offer, I’ve never been to Kurashiki except for the Bikan Historical Quarter and I don’t know this city.’
Please contact us. We will listen to your wishes and propose attractive tours.

TAKAHASHIGAWA TRAVEL for organising tours around Kurashiki

Based in Kurashiki, we create activities and tours of the attractive contents of the Takahashi River basin and sell them mainly to visitors to Japan. We can also customise tours that are not listed here to meet your requirements on an order-made basis. Kurashiki City is not only home to the Bikan Historical Quarter, but also to many other attractive places. It has a large park close to the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, and is famous for its Sakatsu pottery; Tamashima, a port town where tea culture has taken root; and Kojima, the birthplace of domestic jeans, where you can see the Great Seto Bridge up close. We do not just walk around the towns and return home, but organise trips where you can learn more about the area and leave with a lasting impression through experiences that can only be had in those places. Please contact, for more information.


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