Tour of the Kurashiki Museum of Folkcraft by the owner of a long-established folk crafts store that has been running for over 50 years with a nationally-licensed guide (3h)


Welcome to the world of “Mingei”.

The tour will be led by Mr. Yamamoto, the owner of “Toru Mingei Shop,” a long-established folk craft store for over 50 years, and will tour the Kurashiki Museum of Folkcraft while receiving explanations in English translation.
Hear an explanation of the Kurashiki Museum of Folkcraft, which usually has few explanatory notes or explanations, from the perspective of the guide, Mr. Yamamoto.

Folk crafts are ” products that ordinary people need in their daily lives,” or in other words, “crafts of the people, by the people, and for the people.
(Website of the Japan Folk Crafts Association)

Yanagi Muneyoshi, the father of the folk craft movement, called the daily utensils produced by nameless craftsmen “mingei” (folk crafts).
He advocated a new value of beauty, saying that folk crafts rooted in daily life have a “wholesome beauty” that is in accordance with their utility.
By learning about the relationship between folk crafts in Japan and Kurashiki, what folk crafts are in the first place, and the history and attractive aspects of folk crafts, visitors will deepen their understanding of and attachment to folk crafts.

By learning more about folk crafts, each participant may have the opportunity to develop a deeper love for his/her own region.
Let’s think about what is a rich life in these days of mass production and commonplace things by learning about the activities of Mr. Yanagi and his colleagues.

The exhibits at the Kurashiki Museum of Folkcraft do not have written explanations. Usually, this tour is left to the imagination of the participants, with explanations by the guide, and you can ask questions. This is a precious opportunity to learn more about folk crafts.

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Guide Takanori Yamamoto
Meeting place Mukaimatsu Dorm
Included ・Admission to Kurashiki Mingeikan
・Guide fee, Translator fee
Not included
Other Information ・Depending on the time of year you attend, exhibits at the Kurashiki Museum of Folkcraft may differ from those in the photos. We appreciate your understanding.
・Please wear shoes and clothing suitable for walking.
・Rain or shine


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